Veterinary Services

Yearly preventive health exams to detect problems before they become serious
Illness examinations
In-office blood testing for many illnesses
In-office urine, fecal, and cytological testing
Parasite screening and consultation
Immunizations tailored to individual needs
In-office X-ray facilities
Abdominal ultrasound, state of the art
Surgery with state of the art electrocardiography, blood pressure and blood gas monitoring
Dental services including teeth cleaning and extractions
Microchipping for personal identification
Fully-stocked pharmacy

Plus a close working relationship with many specialty laboratories

Antech Diagnostics: advanced blood chemistries
Idexx Laboratories: advanced blood chemistries
Michigan State University: advanced blood chemistries and other advanced diagnostics
University of Minnesota: urolith analysis
Orthopedic Foundation of America: X-ray analysis
DNA Diagnostic Center: avian DNA analysis
ARUP Laboratories: histopathology
Texas A&M University: advanced blood chemistries

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